Large and small business alike have faced very unique workforce challenges since the start of the pandemic, having to adapt to stay ahead of the curve. This for some industries meant the unfortunate business of work shutdowns, layoffs and temporary reductions in force. When normally a New Year brings a rejuvenated outlook on careers and future planning, this year it brings a different look and strategy related to hiring, staffing and career trends.

There’s no crystal ball or magic predictions for 2021, as every industry faces a myriad of challenges, but for most, it will turn into a year of rebuilding, stability and revitalization of those strategic plans.

“Back to normal” may not be as soon as some would hope in industries where there were financial hardships and setbacks, but there is no better time than the present to start working toward the goal of job placement and career strategizing. Staying agile and nimble is the name of the game going forward.

According to a survey conducted by XpertHR from September 2020, recruiting and hiring sits high on the list for workplace challenges in 2021, along with workplace health and safety.

The survey, which asked 563 U.S. employers to share their insights on their workforce, only 10 percent of the respondents indicated they would have to reduce their staffing levels or eliminate positions. And 30 percent indicated they didn’t expect any major shifts or changes in their staffing.

While it doesn’t offer a resounding boom of new positions or openings, there seems to be potential economic recovery in 2021 where the key will be to attract new talent and “ramp up operations.”

Operationally, growth in the transportation and warehousing sectors were most in demand in a Career Builder December 2020 report. And of course, there’s a demand for healthcare workers, as well as technical support and services. As such, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the fastest growing jobs and median pay from 2019 data were in software development, computer user support specialists, registered nurses, construction and financial managers. Those trends continue into this year.

According to the BLS and Career Builder reports, U.S. unemployment numbers remained unchanged from in December, although the number of unemployed workers was 3.4 million, sadly double from February 2020. While this number if high, there are still demands for skilled workers and in demand jobs.

While retail jobs are down, businesses are finding alternative ways back, which has led to truck drivers and transportation services, technical services, professional and scientific roles making the push to in demand positions.

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