Legal Actions Just when we thought things were tough enough in this COVID-19 work environment, where the closing of businesses and the loss of productivity and business due to operational shut-down have wreaked havoc on the world economy, now there are legal issues that have cropped up, putting even more strain on the bottom line.

Lawsuits and litigation are on the rise. According to a recent article by Littler, “From March 17 to May 2, 2020, plaintiff’s lawyers filed almost 30 complaints related to COVID-19 in federal court.” Twenty-two of them were filed in April, so we can expect to see even more cases find their way on the dockets as the months progress.

What do these Cases Involve?

While the complaints vary from state to state, many of the cases involve the safety of the employee in the workplace and the fear that employers are not doing enough to protect employees from exposure. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, employers must take action and precautions before reopening their businesses. Employers can no longer expect the old business as usual approach. Precautions and safety processes must be put in place in order to ensure a safe work environment for employees. (See blog post from May 13th)

Employers must take steps now to ensure safer working conditions for the return of your employees and to protect against potential litigation.

Other lawsuits involve non-compliance of the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act or other leave laws, claims of discrimination and harassment, wage and hour violations, and labor relations violations. Even online eRetailer giant, Amazon, has been slapped with lawsuits related to wrongful terminations and workplace safety violations, where warehouse staff have even staged walkouts to demonstrate and Walmart is even facing a wrongful death lawsuit.

How to Protect Your Employees and Business:

The current health crisis and COVID-19 pandemic has created a higher need for employers and businesses to consider how they can create safer working conditions in their place of business. By not doing so, businesses may be left exposed to such legal claims as health and safety violations and various other employment lawsuits.

Protect your employees first and foremost. Establish safe working protocols and practices by following the CDC and OSHA guidelines before reopening your business.

Be Prepared:

JB Consulting Systems is here to help you and your business reopen safely. Contact us today to see what we can do to help establish safe protocols and precautionary measures before you bring back your employees into the workplace.