Statewide Mask Mandate

On June 26, 2020, a statewide order will go into effect requiring individuals to wear a face covering while in indoor public spaces as well as outdoors when you cannot stay 6 feet apart. Certain exemptions may apply for individuals with a disability or health conditions and those under the age of 5. The state is recommending that those between the ages of 3-5 wear a face covering if possible. The CDC has compiled information regarding the use of face coverings, making masks, and additional recommendations located here.

The requirement for employees to wear a mask while working from a place of business went into effect on June 8, 2020 and required employers to provide employees with an appropriate face covering as defined by their level of risk. As part of the new requirement, businesses must post signage strongly encouraging customers and clients to wear an appropriate face covering.

The evolving pandemic has sparked an increase in litigation against businesses related to COVID- 19 from both customers and employees alike and we expect to see these cases continue to increase as the pandemic wears on. The requirement of masks for all individuals presents a new hurdle for employers as it relates to navigating ADA claims.

As an additional resource, view our Return to Work checklist to determine if your business is compliant with Phase 2 Reopening requirements. We also offer a Return to Work package that contains forms and templates your business may need to legally reopen.

Reach out to the HR professionals at JB consulting to discuss additional requirements specific to your industry and location.