I have had the pleasure of working from home for the past 3 years. While the kids are at daycare most of the time, here are my 3 favorite tried and true tactics for making it work:

  1. Make creative office spaces. – I am currently responding to client emails from the back of my car while my kids ride their bikes. They will certainly be getting all of the P.E. credits while school is out!
  2. While a little messy – dumping a bag of dirt on the lawn has provided endless hours of fun and vitamin d. Throw in some shovels, monster trucks, and tractors and the kids are set. Bonus points for if a bug crawls in or they build sand castles with dirt, now it is science class or a STEM activity.
  3. When an unexpected call pops up, I recommend opening up a box of fruit snacks, yelling ‘have at it’, and running away behind a locked door. There may be a bit of screaming in the background but I made it through a phone interview for JB Consulting by doing this.

Combining parenthood, unexpected homeschooling, and a full-time career in one space is bound to be messy. Give yourself flexibility and think creatively as to how you can make these upcoming weeks work for you!