Question: Is this JB Consulting Systems Team a group of crazed bandits or just a team having a very fashionable and fun moment during a virtual meeting?

DIY Face Masks and Fun

What we really look like when working from home,

If you’ve worked with JBCS for long, you may have encountered one of these talented HR professionals in some capacity. But odds are, you’ve never seen us looking quite so “unpolished” or under cover! This photo was taken this past Friday during a virtual meeting, where the group donned all sorts of Do-it-Yourself face mask apparel to prove just how really fashionable we all can be when we try.

Let’s face it. Working from home can bring out a far less formal atmosphere and has also challenged businesses to find alternative methods of hosting meetings and keeping in contact with employees while separated during the shelter-in-place period. For those that are able to work-from-home, technology has provided a continued sense of connection, as well as a little bit of levity, at least within our team.

While there have been reports both for and against the use of face masks from the CDC, safety measures and precautions should be heeded and recommended whenever an individual leaves for essential trips outside the house. However, there’s also a high demand and shortage of N-95 surgical and medical masks that are much needed for those on the medical front lines. For the average person, this means coming up with something more practical to use to protect ourselves when out in public.

In this picture, we gladly demonstrate some options you might consider when using the DIY approach. As we can attest, we lack in the seamstress skills, and therefore opted for other potential face wear. We have the standard handkerchief, scarves, folded pillowcase, a pull-over used for skiing and outdoor work, and a painters mask.

However, if you are ambitious and creative, we’ve found various DIY tips for making your own masks that require very little time and even fewer skills in sewing. Fast Company has offered up their list, as well as MakerMask. Do you have a reusable shopping bag? A very handy material to use for a DIY face cover. Or how about the no-sew options like this one in a YouTube tutorial? A quick Google search can find a wide variety of options for anyone using various household products.

Whatever you choose to use, please keep in mind that there’s still lingering questions as to whether face masks, homemade or not, will protect you fully against the COVID-19 virus. Which means you still should consider other precautionary measures, and before risking yourself or others, consider whether going out in public is truly essential or if you can just #stayhome and #flattenthecurve.