As we look to close out the first quarter of a new year, we look at the changing work landscape. We have survived a pandemic, there is a labor shortage in some industries, and layoffs in others. Some industries have allowed remote, or hybrid work and others still require in-person work. One of the things that resonate with employees is communication. You may have a regular annual review cycle or quarterly cadence but do not discount that time to communicate with employees. Do they know how they performed since you last met and what the expectations are for the future? Are they aware of how the company is doing and what they can do to support company initiatives? If you do not have a practice for reviews and regular feedback, let’s talk about some options.


Annual Reviews vs. Quarterly Reviews
If you do an annual or quarterly review, does the staff take it seriously? Is this a time when supervisors rate employees on their knowledge skills and abilities and provide the forum to answer questions, give guidance, and discuss and assign employees the next steps in their future with the company? Have you looked at the process to make sure it is a frequency that is effective? Reviews are a time that is dedicated to employees and if given effectively, should reiterate where employees are and what they need to do. Notice, I said reiterate, meaning reviews from a performance standpoint should not be a surprise. Communicating and checking in with employees and sharing feedback are important to the relationship between the supervisor and employee and can positively or negatively impact the employees’ view of the company.  There are many ways to deploy reviews, and delivery, and how to take them to the next level.


Communication is key. While this is an adage phrase, it still rings true. You cannot expect employees to give buy-in or support to what they do not know.  Having a weekly check-in, bi-weekly touch base, or monthly meeting is a way to share information. Employees are more likely to be engaged when they know what is happening.

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