The sporting world knows the drill when it comes to winning. There’s no one secret ingredient or secret formula for creating a winning team. Ask any athletic coach, trainer or owner of a sports franchise and they’ll likely tell you that building a high performing and winning team takes a lot of hard work. It’s about securing the right talent, effectively training, coaching, and leading that talent. Compensating accurately and fostering employee development, and possibly even throwing in a dash of good ol’ fashion luck just for good measure.

But none of it comes without intentional discipline and hard work that begins with strong leadership, and a winning mindset. Not one of these singular traits can make it alone. Perhaps similar to The Triple Crown in horse racing, the race to win takes preparation, training and the right attributes to reach that pinnacle.

Securing the Right Talent
Wouldn’t it be great if you could pluck talent out of thin air and see immediate on-the-job successes? If only it were that easy to find the right person for the job who could step in and hit the ground running. However, there are methods of curating the right talent that can lend itself to faster and better results.

The first step in building a winning team is to begin with the end in mind and knowing what you’re scouting for. It starts with the selection of the players, if you will. Identifying the skills, traits and knowledge the business needs for the job to be done effectively. Having these attributes in mind will job will enable you to hire the right candidate to fill the open spot on the team.

Focus on Leadership
Strong leadership and communication are crucial in any sporting event and game. A coach may sit on the sidelines during regulation play, but they can still be heard providing directions and coaching their players during the game to ensure the team is working together with hustle toward their common goals. The same holds true in business. A leader must establish individual and team communication to regularly provide team members with the direction required to get the job done effectively.

A strong coach will know when to pull back, when to step in, and when an individual needs additional and personalized one-on-one coaching to succeed.

Rally Around Common Goals
Every winning sports team shares unified goals, practices together regularly and implements specific plays from their playbook to maximize their talents and coordinate efforts to win. It’s about employing a team strategy and synergy to work toward a shared goal.

In the workplace, goal setting is the means by which leadership demonstrates where they want the organization to go, how they want to get there and the method by which they’ll make it happen. Without the blueprint and goals to work toward every day, the team can’t effectively build a solid frame and foundation together.

And while goals may change and shift throughout the year, leadership must continually adapt and communicate their direction in order to achieve the successful outcome.

Foster Employee Development
Hiring the right people is crucial to cultivating a successful team, but fostering the development of those individuals will ensure success in the long-run. Leaders play a significant role in making sure a team works well together while remaining focused on the goals and priorities. Even the brightest stars and top talent need management feedback, training for skills and knowledge development, and opportunities for growth.

Referring back to the Triple Crown Effect, a Thoroughbred owner and trainer wouldn’t squander their money to breed and purchase a horse only to walk away without developing and training their investment.

Successful managers foster employee development and create high-performing teams through proactive feedback, rewarding and celebrating success, allowing lessons to be learned through failure, and acknowledge that their teams are only strong when they work together.

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