What a year 2020 was for all of us. A worldwide pandemic that knocked our world off kilter, cultural and social justice issues influencing our society, and a political rollercoaster of uncertainty in the midst of all of it. You name it, we dealt with it. And not one individual or business or country walked away unscathed this year without facing a flurry of adjustments, changes, or new protocols that managed the way we run our business or live our lives.

And while we worked hard to navigate the challenges 2020 threw our way, there were also plenty of opportunities for positive outcome and unexpected growth. For the team at JB Consulting Systems, it was a year of staying nimble and up-to-date on all the new laws and regulations related to COVID-19 in order to support our partners. It also meant supporting our clients in the midst of crisis and uncertainty.

In honor of all the valuable work we’ve done this year and the assistance we’ve provided our clients, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of those partnership successes in the realm of HR Consulting and recruitment.

  • We worked with several essential businesses, one who had over 100 employees, helping them strategically, and with little disruption in productivity, convert to a primarily remote work environment prior to the WA state mandatory Stay At Home order. This not only protected these employees, but also those they serviced, preventing the spread of COVID-19 so they could continue to serve their clients in a safe and health way.
  • We continue to serve as the first point of contact for many client’s human resource and recruitment questions as related to COVID-19 and business operations.
  • We collaborated with a CPA firm and our sister company, JJ BizWorks, Inc., offering a customized webinar training to over 1000 attendees on the new CARES Act, unemployment, and Families First immediately after the new Act went into effect. Nimble and proactive!
  • We worked with many clients to develop and manage their Leave of Absence programs which were made even more complicated with the passing of the Families First Act in addition to intensive Accommodation issues.
  • Provided regular monthly JB Consulting Systems informative blog posts related to the various issues surrounding safety and managing employee relations involving COVID-19.
  • Created safety plans for clients, including a medical clinic, to assist with protecting employees who were essential workers for their business.
  • Provided professional insight to business leaders and managers guiding them through various employee relation situations, as well as complicated Accommodation issues. Answered questions regarding what to do when an employee tests positive for C1, return to work restrictions, and safe work environments. Supported clients in nine different states and those in multi-state locations.
  • Assisted in development of HR processes that are repeatable and drive efficiency.
  • Built a client’s HR SharePoint site for employee self-service, implementing an HRIS tool to utilize the onboarding module more effectively, delivering a repeatable performance management system for the organization.
  • Helped our clients hire over 40 employees even though our economy went through a long “pause.”
  • We navigated employers through the State of Washington’s Shared Work Program in order that they might keep their staff employed and working, while keeping their payroll costs manageable.

At the very end of this year, as we now look back at the complexities these changes have created for our businesses, the Consultants at JB Consulting Systems are extremely proud of the work we did in offering our expertise and to clients, proving that we are all in this together.


We here at JB Consulting Systems believe that our employees are the foundation of our company. We strive to provide our employees with opportunities to stretch and develop both professionally and personally, where they enjoy their work and live their life with heart and passion.

We carry this belief over to our clients as well. As a strategic partner, we provide quality human resources, business & marketing services. We help increase employee satisfaction, foster proactive and effective communications between employees, build high performing teams, and positively impact the bottom line by helping businesses grow.

As a boutique full-service human resource, business & marketing firm, we put your business relationships at the heart of all that we do. We believe that the richness of human connections weave a tapestry of partnerships that are stronger together. We Bring Your Workforce Together because we are #PoweredByPeople.

All of us at JB Consulting Systems wish you and yours a very happy, healthy, and warm holiday season.