COVID: All Employees in Office


Employers who intend for all employees to return to the office
(see forms included below)



COVID: All Employees in Office

  • Return to Work Checklist – Contains best practices and guidelines to help you determine if you have taken the appropriate steps to reopen and links to posters that are required or helpful.
  • Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan – An outline plan for the office/professional business.
  • Social Distancing Poster – Hang in spaces where people tend to congregate as well as other locations in the office.
  • Door Sign – Hang outside all points of entry indicating company policy on only entering the worksite if the person is feeling healthy.
  • Visitor Log – Capture important information about those who visit your location each day.
  • Screening Questions – This form is required for some industries but not all. If it is not a requirement for your industry, placing a sign on the door may be satisfactory.