If there’s one thing that leadership guru’s and managers can all agree on, it’s that managing people isn’t as easy as it looks. In fact, it takes more than just practice and work, it takes endless hours of  training and support over the lifetime of your career to ensure you have the basics down. Because the bottom line is  that your company is only as good as your employees. And happy employees lead to happy clients, which leads to profitable companies and happy owners. And all of those results are through the cultivating and care of your employees.

But how does one do that? Managing isn’t a one-size fits all approach and it takes practice and know-how in order to maintain a great workplace. Managers could spend thousands of dollars a year attending leadership conferences and training, but we think there’s an easier approach available.

Juli Bacon, President and Founder of JB Consulting Systems, has just published a book called 6-Word Lessons for HR Practices for a Productive Workforce that provides managers with 100 short, practical lessons on how and what to do to be successful in managing employees. Lessons on how to hire the right employees for the  job, motivate and inspire your team and coach employees to success. These lessons are easy, snackable tools to bring your workforce together and keep them productive and happy.

And what’s even better is that you don’t have to spend hours reading through dry pages of leadership theory or classroom to find a solution. The 6-Word Lessons book offers quick hits of actionable and real-life solutions that can be applied practically and with ease. This book offers managers effective tips to implement for a professional approach to recruiting, managing and retaining employees.

  • Need help with creating a fool-proof job description and effective job ad? It’s covered in the Recruiting chapters.
  • How about holding a difficult conversation with an employee about an uncomfortable subject? You can find that in the chapters on managing employees.

Whatever your question, if it pertains to the topic of managing employees, it can be found in 6-Word Lessons for HR Practices for a Productive Workforce.

The 6-Word Lessons book is available NOW and can be found on Amazon in both ebook and print options HERE.

After reading the book, if you’re interested in booking a public speaking engagement with the author, Juli Bacon can be contacted and scheduled to speak at your leadership meetings, conferences or other employee events. Just contact her at JB Consulting Systems at jbacon@jbconsultingsystems.com.