In the beginning, when we first learned of the easily spread COVID-19 virus, businesses were afraid of shutting things down or allowing their workforce to telework from home. Now, as Washington State Governor Inslee has issued the four-phase approach to reopening businesses, new worries surface on how to return employees back safely into the workplace.

Along with the state Safe Start program, there are many critical issues facing businesses and things to consider when reopening in a COVID-19 world.

Let’s begin with the legal aspects of returning to work. The Safe Start program provides guidance on how to best open your business back up to a new business as unusual workplace. Following these procedures require business owners to carefully implement structural changes to ensure safety for employees, clients and consumers. The plans allow for modifications of business closures and social distancing practices to minimize exposure and health impacts of COVID-19.

While our Stay Home, Stay Healthy order has been extended by the governor through the end of May, this Safe Start plan will amend some components of the original order and will allow for a slow, integrated start to re-open the state. Each phase of this plan is 3-weeks in length, allowing for data to be captured and reviewed to determine if the next step can be achieved.

Are you ready for the re-opening of business?

Business owners must be ready to comply with these orders. How and what are some of the things you should do in preparation?

The HR Consultants at JB Consulting Systems are ready to assist you with packages and customized plans that will provide an easy transition back into the workplace, while complying with the state’s guidelines. We are here to assist you in establishing best practices for preparing employees to return to work, along with the communication, support and fostering engagement to bring your workforce back together again.