employee voting rights

Election day is next Tuesday November 8th!

Next Tuesday will mark a historic date in our country’s political history. The right to vote is an important one, just as Jury Duty is part of your employees’ civic duty, so is the right to vote in an election.

Many employers ask if their employees can seek time off to cast their ballots. This question is answered state-by-state. There is no federal law that requires time off to vote.

In 2011, Washington State repealed the polling practices and code* that dated back years and adopted a vote-by-mail system. It encourages all voters, regardless of situation or circumstance, the ability to vote without the need to find a voting booth. Therefore, there is no longer a need for an employer in the state of Washington to allow for time off-the-job for an employee to vote during an election year.

This law, however, does not apply to all states. Employers who have workforces in multi-regions should check into their employee voting rights by state by going here.

*2013 Wa. SB 5518