Social media provides a platform for your business to share your brand story. Whether it be worldwide or tailored to your community, it’s up to you. The benefits of engaging with your consumers and a like-minded community allow you to share information, stories, ideas, and articles with your audience. The base of all successful social media is rooted in a strong content marketing strategy. Developing a comprehensive approach for social media requires not only planning and developing content (blogs/articles, videos, podcasts, landing pages, stories, reel) but finding the Voice for each of those channels and associated content.

On average the active social media user has over nine social media accounts, spends at the bare minimum over two hours a day on social media and there are currently over 3.8 billion social media users globally.

Realizing that social media can be a lot of work, businesses may find challenges with justifying its importance, and miss the many benefits social media can impact on the overall business goals:

  • Attract customers, get customer feedback and build customer loyalty
  • Increase your market reach, including international markets
  • Conduct market research and reduce marketing costs
  • Increase revenue by building customer networks and advertising
  • Develop your brand as a leader in your industry


Measuring the success of social media is dependent upon the objectives being clearly defined ahead of time. Depending on your business, your goals could look like:

  • Increase product sales
  • Increase inbound phone calls
  • Increase walk-in foot traffic to your business location
  • Increase your Reach & Followers

According to recent data, 50% of consumers say they follow brands on social media to learn about new products or services and 21% of consumers prefer to message a brand on social media rather than calling in to speak with a customer service representative.꙳

Keep your content fresh and on-brand by implementing a social media calendar. Using a calendar will keep you focused and relevant on your business/seasonal cycles, and help you with a consistent daily posting schedule. The social media calendar also helps outline what content is needed for the month, whose responsible for that content, writing/proofing your posts, sourcing images/links to go with your posts, and developing hashtags to use with each of the individual posts. A monthly calendar will keep you organized and it will help when you see a spike in your analytics to be able to circle back and reference so you can see what your community is engaging with on your social media.

Social media bridges the gap between creativity and strategic thinking. For a business, the importance of social media marketing cannot be overstated. Surprisingly, almost 40% of small businesses do not use social media at all. While social media may feel overwhelming, consider this, the longer-lasting benefits extend far beyond just the growth of revenue.

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