During these unprecedented and extreme shifts in our normal business routines, staying focused on not only the immediate needs, but also the future of your business. Using this time of uncertainty to prepare your business for what’s to come will help your business and company moving forward.

Now is the time to take a look at those items you may have been putting on the back burner and ensuring your company is compliant with state employment laws and regulations.

Here are a few items and question you may want to ask yourself that may help you put plans into action:

  • Is it time to renew or create a Company Handbook?
  • Are your employee files and forms up-to-date with the latest changes and requirements in state laws?
  • Do you need guidance on building more positive working relationships?

Neglecting these important tasks may result in your business liability and financial repercussions if found to be out of compliance and the HR Consultants at JB Consulting Systems are here to help.

We offer a large variety of HR administrative services, training programs, support with creating or updating policies and handbooks, hiring assistance and general overall human resource support. We can meet with you via video conferencing or over-the-phone at your convenience.

Please contact JB Consulting Services for more information on our services by emailing Linda Robison at lrobison@jbconsultinsystems.com.