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Driven by a competitive nature and a desire to affect change, Juli Bacon works to achieve results and has a passion for helping small businesses succeed through strategic planning and goal setting. Bacon is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer and a published author of Six Word Lessons on HR Practices for a Productive Workforce.

Juli has developed both strategic and practical approaches to HR that take her into nearly every aspect of business. An experienced coach to all levels of management, Juli helps organizations understand and prepare for the effects that proper employee relations can have on the bottom line.

JB Consulting Systems offers a wide variety of trainings that may be done either live in person or via a webinar. Please contact us to discuss your needs, the courses you’re interested in and to find the best solution for your business.

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Straight forward, relevant and critical training for your entire workforce.


This interactive 1.5 hour training course provides your employees and management staff with comprehensive, real-life examples of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Discussion, group activities and case-study scenarios help to clearly define what sex harassment and discrimination looks like, how to prevent it and stop it should it occur and creating a respectful culture where inappropriate behaviors aren’t tolerated.


This 1.5 hour instructor-led course provides managers with the best practices for making good hiring decisions. During this interactive session, managers will learn how to create behavior-based interviewing questions, how to properly structure an open-ended, legally positioned set of questions, and how to identify whether a candidate will be a good fit and able to perform the position using post-interview evaluation tools.


This session instructs managers on the steps to write and deliver effective performance reviews. Discussion on why performance evaluations are necessary for employee engagement and development, understanding the relevant components to include in a review, and how to provide specific positive and constructive feedback to deliver optimal improvement areas and results.


Upon completion of this 1.5 hour session, managers will have knowledge in the progressive disciplinary process and understand when it might be necessary to take action to improve performance. Interactive group learning provides a safe arena for developing and implementing a coaching and disciplinary action plan.


In this course, managers and participants learn about situations when bringing in an experienced HR professional may be required. Discussion around risk management, legal requirements and employee relations issues will help the manager understand their responsibilities and when the organization benefits from HR assistance.


This intensive and engaging conflict management training session is designed for all levels of employees and management to learn practical tools and responses for effective communication. The goal of this 3-hour program is to provide your staff with a set of tools to employ when emotions run high during difficult conversations in order to clearly and respectfully communicate with their leaders, employees, colleagues and customers.

Juli Bacon

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Juli presented the information in a clear organized way. She took the time to answer questions and save valuable resources for help.


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Great information to stay in compliance for our business. Juli does a great job to break it all down.


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HR Practices by Juli Bacon

Six-Word Lessons on HR Practices for a Productive Workforce: 100 Lessons to Bring Your Workforce Together

Quick and effective tips for a professional approach to recruiting, managing and retaining employees. Your company is as good as your employees, so take care of them. Happy employees lead to happy clients, which leads to happy owners. Learn what inspires and motivates your employees, hire well and get out of the way and let them do their job. These 100 short lessons give you easy, snackable tools to bring your workforce together and keep them productive and happy.

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