Brooks Smothers

Brooks Smothers

Marketing Consultant


Brooks brings a wealth of marketing experience to JB Consulting Systems. With expertise in branding, marketing strategy & market analysis, he provides insightful marketing recommendations and opportunities for growth.

His professional path has been a bit winding, but with each twist he has gained invaluable skills that contribute to a diverse marketing scope. While Brooks started his career as a graphic designer and visual journalist, he realized that marketing was his calling because it provided him with an outlet to utilize both the creative and the analytical hemispheres of his brain.

His areas of expertise: Marketing Strategy, Branding, Content Marketing, Product Launches, Social Media, Creative Development, Traditional & Digital Advertising, and Campaign Optimization & Analysis.

Brooks loves taking advantage of all of the outdoor experiences that come along with living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. In his free time, he can be found camping, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, and paddling with friends and family.