Straight Forward, Relevant, and Critical Training For Your Entire Workforce

Our comprehensive Human Resource training courses are designed to help you address the critical aspects of HR for your business.

Our Topics Include:

• Anti-Harassment And Anti-Discrimination Training

• Interviewing Skills For Managers

• Writing An Effective Performance Review

• Recruitment Best Practices

• Successful Onboarding Training Program

• Maintaining Peace and Productivity in the Workplace

And so much more…

JB Consulting Systems offers a wide variety of trainings that may be done in-person or via an interactive webinar. Find classes that work best for your team and your business. For a complete listing of all of our courses, download the catalog today.

Portrait of Juli Bacon

Juli Bacon, President of JB Consulting Systems, for the past 20 years, has developed both strategic and practical approaches to HR that take her into nearly every aspect of a business. An experienced coach to all levels of management, Juli helps organizations understand and prepare for the effects that proper employee relations can have on the bottom line.

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