Team Meeting in an Office
Culture & Policy Training

This is important for a number of reasons:

  1. It establishes what the company stands for and against
  2. It outlines expectations for employee behavior
  3. It’s an opportunity to showcase the human side of the organization


While the topics included may be serious business, the discussion or training can be delivered in a manner that aligns with the company’s culture. Think about an airline and their demonstration of the mandatory pre-flight instructions given to passengers. Many airlines have created a fun and humorous way of demonstrating the safety regulations so that passengers are more apt to pay attention. Some onboarding systems allow for self-paced training videos to create more variety for new hires if the company doesn’t have a training or HR resource.

    • Employee Handbook
    • Anti-Harassment/Non-Discrimination Policy
    • Accommodation Process
    • Performance Review Policy
    • Compensation Practices (Increases, incentive and/or bonus programs)
    • Payroll and Time-entry Policies
    • Paid and Unpaid Leave policies
    • Sick, Vacation, and/or other paid time off policies
    • Other Administrative Policies