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The 90-Day Training Plan is a living, breathing document with the purpose of clearly laying out the steps for success and a framework for how the employee should get there. It may include training plans, productivity goals or project milestones to assist the employee with direction and a visual of what success looks like. If the skills are to be acquired and learned on-the-job, the plan should clearly spell out what training will be offered to the employee and the learning outcomes.

During the regularly scheduled check-ins, the manager will have the opportunity to determine how the employee is doing, give critical feedback or course correction, and be able modify plans as needed. It is also important to note that it’s a two-way interactive discussion that should allow the employee time to ask questions and offer their lessons learned based on their experience. The end goal is a successful, engaged and productive employee.

A manager should schedule regular check-ins with the new employee to see how they are coming along their training plan, what needs to be modified, and where there are obstacles that can be removed to help with progress. The end goal is a successful and productive employee.