Hiring Manager Negotiating Salaries

Generally, an offer letter will be accepted by the candidate immediately without any requests for changes related to the offer details. But a candidate does have the right to negotiate the terms of the offer if it doesn’t hit the mark. No one can predict when they might happen, but the strategy is to be ready and do your homework.


Step One: Be transparent from the beginning – if the job posting did not include the salary level or salary band, then it should be part of the final interview discussion. A candidate should not have to guess and be disappointed about what the position offers and the offer should represent the worth you think that candidate brings to the Company.


Step Two: The hiring manager should go into the negotiation phase being very familiar with how high or far they are willing to go to gain an offer acceptance. Know the salary range and be prepared for wiggle room.


Step Three: Be open to non-traditional benefits – this could include monetary extras, such as paid parking or commuting options or even work-from-home options that will save the employee the costs of commuting and be a value far greater than salary level.


Step Four: The manager should remain positive during the process. With all the time and work invested in finding the right applicant, it shouldn’t be thrown away if the negotiation step gets difficult. Managers should keep an open mind and work with the individual to find a mutually beneficial conclusion, realizing that the success of this step can contribute to a long-term working relationship.